Bacarra Events

Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona is the greatest night out you and your friends will ever have. Not only do we have the hottest ladies on the planet and the best selection of alcohol, we also cater to special events better than any other Barcelona strip club! No matter what kind of special events you want to celebrate, hell it could be because the Formula 1 is in town and you want to make a whole day of it where you take in the racing and then come to us to see an epic and sexy show, maybe even with a nice lap dance. This is just one example of the events that Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona like to put on. One of the biggest events that happen in this great city is the Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Well for the people who are in town for this event, the best way possible to unwind after a long day is right here with a nice cold beer and a perfect set of boobs in your face. You do not get much better than that. There is always a lot of fairs and congress events happening in Barcelona and we have many people who like to mix in time there with a night out here at Bacarra. That is because nothing quite puts the finishing touch on an epic day in Barcelona like a private lap dance or a sexy pole dancing show.

If you are in town for a large company event then relax after or if you are the boss, treat the staff to a hot and steamy night out here. Here at Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona, we are the best place in the whole city when it comes to organizing private parties and special events. This is because we always go that extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. We can cater your night out to your group. We will make sure you have a nice number of private dances, a steady flow of beer, wine or whatever you want to drink and we will certainly make sure that you have such a great time. By the end of the night, you will be thinking of your next night out here. Events are a huge part of what we do here at Bacarra Strip Club. While we have our own events happening all year round (be sure to look and see if we have something cool going on when you are in the area) we also love to cater to private parties where we make sure that the night is tailored to your group. So forget the rest! If you want the best in sexy, erotic and just pure hot action, you will not beat Bacarra and that is the truth. No one has as many perfect 10 ladies as we do, no one has ladies who know how to dance like we do and no one knows how to mix a cocktail like we do! In all, we provide the best adult entertainment in the great city of Barcelona!

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