Bachelor Party Barcelona

Where and How to Enjoy
Your Bachelor Party in Barcelona

Night Activities

This is it.

You’re tying the knot. And we at Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona want to congratulate you. The right way. With our luxurious selection of some of the hottest girls in Barcelona, we’re here to make sure that your bachelor party in Barcelona is one you’ll never forget. That’s because your party is about more than just lamenting your loss of freedom. It’s a right of passage, an age-old tradition where men come together to celebrate the maturity of one of their own with drinks, girls, and a whole lot of fun.

Here at Bacarra Club, we have it all.

Located in Uptown Barcelona, our spacious interior has both open and private seating with plenty of girls to go around. Celebrate your last night of freedom in style with your choice of the hottest women in Europe while enjoying best-in-class service. Here are just a few ways that we can make your bachelor party in Barcelona pop.

Lap Dances

Guys, let’s admit it: a party isn’t complete until you’ve made contact with a beautiful lady. And at Bacarra Strip Club, we’ve got all the beautiful ladies you could ask for. With enough to go around for you and your mates, Bacarra has the staff you need to take your bachelor party to the next level. Luckily for you, our staff enjoys getting up close and personal. Allow our sexy dancers to find their way to your lap for a night of fun-filled and uninhibited pleasure. After all, it’s your last night of freedom: make it count.

With one of the widest and hottest selections of women in Europe, we’re sure that you’ll find a girl who suits your taste. And so will all of your friends. With some of the best lap dances in Barcelona, our girls will make sure that you have a Barcelona bachelor party that you and your friends will never forget. If you’re looking to plan a bachelor party in Barcelona for one of your friends, there’s no better place than Barcarra. Not only will our beautiful women make him drop his inhibitions, but they will also make sure to pleasure the whole group. Take it from us: lap dances are one of the easiest ways to spice up any bachelor party. Make sure that your festive night isn’t a snoozer by checking out the beautiful ladies of Bacarra Club.

Pole Dancing

Sometimes it’s better just to admire things from afar. That’s why our club is designed to offer breathtaking views of some of Europe’s leading beauties pole dancing on stage. If you’re planning to throw your stag party in Barcelona, you won’t find any better selection of women anywhere. Join your mates in watching some of the most erotic and tantalizing dances in Barcelona as our women shake it across the stage. Remember: this is like bachelor party 101, so never forget it—you can’t have a successful bachelor party without beautiful women.

Lots of them.

The more the better.

That’s where we come in.

At Bacarra Strip Club, our ladies make sure to put on a show that let’s more than just your imaginations run wild. With their one desire to make you happy, they will do what it takes to ensure that your last night of freedom is one that will have you longing for more. And as you watch our beautiful women strut across the stage and work their magic on the poles, you won’t even begin to feel guilty about spending the night away from your fiancé. That’s because the only thing that will be on your mind is the sexy show in front of you. Make sure that in Barcelona your bachelor party is the best it can possibly be by choosing Bacarra Club. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied.

Sizzling Hot Women

Did we mention that Bacarra has the hottest women in Europe? Okay, yeah, we did, but it’s worth repeating. Just think: after getting married, you’re going to be seeing the same woman for the rest of your life. The same face, the same body, the same boobs … But not at Bacarra! Our wonderful and topless beauties are dressed in the smallest thongs allowable and would love nothing more to give you a spicy private dance. Feast your eyes on some of Barcelona’s best beauties in one of the wildest bachelor parties in Barcelona.

And if that weren’t enough, our drinks all come reasonably-priced, meaning that you and your friends can get wasted for an unforgettable night of fun and freedom. Feel the touch of several beautiful women as you put an exclamation mark on the end of your promiscuity. Get a taste of the exotic as you attract the attention of scores of our sexy topless women. And in our clean and spacious venue, you’ll feel like the king you truly are. You and your friends can enjoy a sizzling evening in one of the best-kept strip clubs in Barcelona.

This high class feel adds polish to your evening and lets you end your single life with as much class as possible when surrounded by beautiful and hungry women. Our girls will have you so happy that you’ll start wondering if marriage is the right choice for you. Don’t be afraid to come by and see what our seductive temptresses have to offer. Make contact with Barcelona’s hottest women as you celebrate the end of your single life with a night of boobs, booze, and friends. Want to make it an extra special night? Our beautiful ladies will do what it takes to make sure that your bachelor party in Barcelona is one that will stay at the forefront of your mind forever. Whether they meet you in front of your friends or in private, our intoxicating staff will give you the service that you will so desperately want.

Don’t wait! Check our Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona to plan your bachelor party today!

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Bachelor’s party in Barcelona

Day Activities

Are you ready to take the big step on to the new life? But before you do that you surely deserve a day all to yourself so that you can enjoy the last bit of your freedom. And no option can be better than Barcelona. If you can spend a couple of days in the city, then there is countless number of things to do which can turn your bachelor party into a total success. Even if you cannot afford 2 days, just come in to the city for a single day of full-on Barcelona bachelor party. The main options include:

  • Boat Party

Barcelona has well access to a lot of beaches that makes going for a boat party one of the best options for a bachelor party. You can take in a lot of girls if you want as well. The sunny weather of Barcelona further supports the idea of a boat party. You can opt for a barbecue in the middle of the sea and provide the person getting married to the ultimate experience in an extravagant exceptionally organized exclusive boat party. Well, this can be just the beginning to the party with the best parts all lined up to come in gradually.

  • Tour Gourmet

If you have never been to the place before then it can provide you with some of the most exotic places to visit. And to choose the Gourmet bus tour for a Barcelona bachelor party is a great fun idea in itself. It is one of our top recommendations for any group of stags to enjoy. They can simply book up a ride in the Gourmet bus and look forward to enjoy some of the finest cuisines of the region. Apart from that, you can also visit some of the most iconic places of the city including Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Torre Agbar, Port Olimipic, la Pedrera and many others.

  • Shows and discos

It is another lit idea for enjoying a bashing bachelor party Barcelona. No one can enjoy Barcelona fully if they miss the city’s nightlife. The city boasts of some of the largest nightclubs in the continent where party goes on throughout the night. Erotic and comedy shows are a continuous source of entertainment especially for bachelor parties, both for stags and hens. Some of the bars are kept open all night and it lets you enjoy the entire night before you finally tie the knot. You can dance to the music all days with some of the friendliest strangers and yet feel being known to them for over decades in the best clubs in Barcelona.

  • Paintball

Do you love a game of paintball? Even if you have not tried it yet, you must take some time out for it if you are up for a bachelor party Barcelona. There are many organizations dedicated to organize a paintball party especially for stags and hens and booking prices can range anywhere from € 33 to € 72 per person depending on the package you choose. The package also includes a lot of other group activities that can help to rock your bachelor party for the utmost fun. If you really want to enjoy the city, make sure to paint it red for real.

  • Sexy Striptease

If you are in search of adding more spice to your party, this city can provide you with the best options for it. No bachelor party is complete without a stripper in Barcelona and there are a lot of them in the city. The strippers are really skilled in lighting up a room in fire. You can contact any professional company working in the sector to help you make the best arrangements. You can book the show for at least 20 minutes or more and choose from a wide array of dancers. You can also bring in more than one dancer if you want to further turn on the heat. It is one of the sure shot ways to enjoy the bachelor party up to the brim and everyone starting from the celebrated bachelor to his friends would love the classy sex appeal of the room.

  • Spa day

Marriage itself is quite a stress. And to prepare for it can be even more stressful. So why not relax out a bit with friends before you set step into your new life? There are a lot of relaxing spas where you can book for a session. You can just carry in your flip-flops and a bathing suit and that is going to be enough. You can choose a Jacuzzi or a steam room to distress yourself as well as enjoy the dreams you held long on the last day of your bachelor life. Using a spa session can really help you to prepare well for the stresses that are going to come soon to your life.

  • Catalan challenge

If you are up for a total fun package for your bachelor party Barcelona, then this is the option for you. This is because you can enjoy the bests of the city all in one place. You can make up your own sangria and try out some tapas. You can even come up on the streets to dance the flamenco. Apart from that, tasting some great Spanish wine is an added option among numerous other choices to try out in the city. Sync in to the local cultures and enjoy it up to the brim.